Give shape to your value
A"next-generarion social network"
that creates connections to personal value



Financie uses blockchain technology and it is an ecosystem which can support and invest in the value of individuals.

Financie allows the issuance of cards by individuals through our platform which can be sold on the market place.

Financie provides a high liquidity marketplace which is governed by the Bancor Protocol System.

The tokens which are issued by this project are ERC20 compliant Ethereum blockchain based tokens.

About Service

1.Purchase heroes card

The player will appear as a card; fans can purchase more cards to supporttheir favorite player or streamer.

2.Communicate with Hero

You can communicate with heroes on Financie. Also some of channels are limited for premium fan.


Various activities are set up to support the hero. Activities are not only support heroes but also get benefits.

4.Community score

As the community score will be raised, chance to purchase more cards increase.

5.Secured via the blockchain

By using player cards, fans can participate in exclusive streams, get one-on-one advice, and other premium services. There may also be options to trade exclusive characters in-game!

Coming Soon...